Live Gig Tips

The Live Gig Tips series focuses on what to play to get the song across in acoustic duos and electric trios.  The problem with playing only one of the parts is that the musical effect is too thin or small, so a guitarist must play multiple parts simultaneously to make it sound full.  For example, with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, integrating the keyboard or orchestral into the guitar part one plays will make it possible to play the song in a trio configuration, but playing the part that Jimmy Page played live or in the studio will sound too small.  Same goes for playing the multiple parts of The Ocean.  Tips for duos include the right layering of guitar parts.

Get It Right

This series of downloadable lessons is about zoning in on the details and nuances of the proprietary or signature parts of the studio versions of songs by Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and more.  Getting the right phrasings, voicings, chords, riffs, rhythms, and melodies will be the prime focus.